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Life is movement.

A long time, surf was my favorite sport for my summer holidays. It was a good way to discover me in the face of the uncontrollable: you try to control the sea; you fall, you let go; you fall, your only one offered possibility is to be completely in the movement. It is a beautiful metaphor of a happy life; neither try control every things , nor let go, accept to be in movement, to be listening, of being a meeting place.

The movement worries when we want to check everything, nevertheless, the change is inherent to existence. Two solutions: either we rear against the movement, or we try to see how we can act with.

But how make in the present moment? In the first place release itself tendancy which inhibit us and which persuade us that we are powerless. Then there is no recipe because it takes place in the reality. And the reality, it is a muddle, nothing takes place as we want and we have to be made with that. The idea to let go, to stay 'Zen' and peace, for me, It does'nt work! It makes feel culpable me! I have the impression to make a fault in the face of my humanity. Nevertheless the emotion which I feel is not a fault. The misunderstanding to let go', it is to believe it is bad to have feelings.

I teach the meditation and nevertheless, I can be nervous, angry, to ruminate ... To have feelings, it human being. The more I am advised to be 'Zen', the more that makes me unhappy because I am not. It is better to see how I act, how I do not create the wrong for me and for the others. If I am jealous, it is not a problem. But if I slashes tires of the car of my neighbor; it's a snag. When I am angry, at first I listen to my anger, to see what that means, I have to understand my emotion, feel what takes place, to be in conformity with the way I feel; be in peace. We are not perfect and it human being. If I play a piece of music and that I remove all the notes which ring a little bit sad, there is nada. To be Zen in any situation, you should not have Of children because you will never be again. Never to be in love, to Be in love, it is the problems which begin. It is normal to have feelings; we are jealous, angry, we are afraid … All this, it is life and what makes her fascinating. It is normal not to be super-hero, a dehumanized robot.

I do not find the happiness in the abstract things with let go, Zen attitude, but rather when I listen to the reality. If I want a massage or to go to swim, because that goes To help me feel better, then I do it! For one other, it will be cook, to dance, karaoke …

It is necessary to know what is just for us, to listen to what favorites the movement of life in us. Surfing the wave

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