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La Vie Est Belle is a community karma school for people to

experience the outer and inner nature through experiential activities:



  nature immersion,

  transforming art creation,

  leading a sharing simple life.

We have daily activities and monthly retreats/courses and teacher training relating to the concept.

Karma School is a “small school of selfless service”, an experiment in the joy of giving. With volunteers, we created an ecosystem of generosity-projects that move from transaction to trust, from self-oriented isolation to shared commitment, and from fear of scarcity to celebration of abundance. All volunteers-run, our projects create external change while keeping the focus on inner transformation.

La Vie Est Belle offers guests a stay as a real gift of happiness, nutrition and well-being. To complete the full circle of giving and maintaining this experience, the guests bring a contribution at will basing on the value received and financial capability, a minimum stay of 3 days is required. All the guests' contributions will go to the operation of the space, rental of house and land, food, public services, and to our community projects.

Mangala Phuc Le Thanh: Phuc has the training background and has been facilitating art-based activities, mindfulness and classical yoga classes for 10 years. Phuc used to work 9 years as a trainer for a multinational company around Asia. After that she switched her career path to sustainability focusing on human and community development. Phuc uses movement expression, classical synthesis of yoga, meditation-mindfulness, and nature as tools to help one reconnect with their own inner and outer nature. She loves to stimulate in each person love and beauty, helping people to realize their most vivid and authentic nature. Phuc is a commited spiritual practitioner , a Yoga Siromani certified by Sivananda Yoga International and certified Yoga Nidra Teacher by  Shankar Prasad Ashram (India) under the tradition of Bihar School of Yoga. Phuc is the co-founder of La Vie Est Belle, she speaks Vietnamese, French and English.

Ananda Philippe Landry: Philippe is a longtime artist and enthusiast of exploring the beauty of the world through yoga and meditation, Philippe began practicing yoga through many European countries, the United States, India and Asia. Through yoga he embarked the path of compassion and human values. He loves painting, yoga – meditation and wild nature, and thus together with his wife he co-founds La Vie Est Belle to realize his dream of combining the three above elements. Philippe is a Yoga Siromani certified by Sivananda Yoga International. Philippe speaks French and English.

La vie est belle

Cuộc Sống Tươi Đẹp

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